About Us: Center for Sustainable Tourism

The United States Travel Care Code has been developed and is managed by the Center for Sustainable Tourism located at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. The Center is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism throughout North Carolina, the nation and the world through innovation in graduate education, leadership development, community consultation, and collaborative research.

Devoted to implementing sustainable practices in business operations, public policies, and personal travel behaviors, the Center offers solutions to challenges facing the tourism industry and destination communities as they balance economic viability with socio-cultural and environmental enhancement and equity.

The Center manages the Nation's first interdisciplinary Master of Science in Sustainable Tourism degree which is conferred through the East Carolina University Graduate School and the Division of Research and Graduate Studies.

For more on the Center go to:
www.sustainabletourism.org or contact us below.

Our Purpose:

The United States Travel Care Code is designed to provide travelers in the United States with information on how they can reduce the negative impact of their travel and visitor related activities. The Code was created with domestic travelers in mind and includes actions that they can take to protect the environment and support local economies and communities. Travelers are encouraged to review the Code before their trip so that they can incorporate such actions into their travel plans.

We Want Your Feedback:

Those who use the United States Travel Care Code are encouraged to provide feedback on the content of the Code. Please email us at sustainabletourism@ecu.edu to send us your feedback.The Center for Sustainable Tourism will periodically review these suggestions to determine how the Code can be modified to better serve travelers.

Contact Us:

Center for Sustainable Tourism
RW Rivers 208 | Greenville, NC
27858-4354 USA
Tel: +1 252.328.4969
Email: sustainabletourism@ecu.edu
Web site: www.sustainabletourism.org


Many individuals and organizations contributed time and effort in assisting in the development of the Travel Care Code and the work of the Center for Sustainable Tourism. We wish in particular to thank our sponsors - East Carolina University which houses and supports the Center and Miles which has supported the development and work of the Renewable Energy in Tourism Initiative and this Travel Care Code. We also acknowledge and recognize the work of the Industry Advisory Board of the Center.